Fundraiser Update (Las Bebidas)

With 8 days until our first fundraising event in Mexico City, we begin a series of exciting updates.

Today, we promote the delicious drinks.

Tickets cost $350 at the door. In exchange, you will receive a complementary drink ticket with which you can choose from among four different mescals from our fantastic host Mezcaleria Sirenas who sells artisanal products – mescal, sotol, tequila, whiskey, gin, bacanora and raicilla – from rural producers all over the Republic:

    • Agave verde maximiliana, state of Durango (44%alc.vol.)
    • Agave papalometl (similar to Tobalá), Puebla (48%alc.vol.)
    • Agave chino cupreata, Michoacán (47.5%alc.vol.)
    • Agave serrano americana y lopanta, Tamaulipas (46%alc.vol.)

You will also receive a complementary drink ticket for an artisanal beer tasting from the bomb-amazing brewery Lupuloco. Based in Avandaro, State of Mexico, they will offer a combination of their most popular beers on tap made by hand in their small brewery (see below some images of the owners at work):

    • Long Walk Pale Ale
    • Honey Nut Brown (each batch has 4 kilos of local honey!)
    • Lupuloco IPA

Throughout the day, you can also buy directly from Lupuloco and Mezcaleria Sirenas, including non-alcoholic drinks.


la malta I los dueños de la cerveceria Lupuloco y su proceso artesanal la malta IV la malta II su proceso I cebada y malta