In Tenango de Doria (as well as San Bartolo and Huehuetla), Otomí speaking women have little economic opportunities but do produce world famous ornate embroidered clothing and household products. Their designs are fantastical animals in every color of the rainbow that represent myths and rites in Hidalgo. Craftswomen use horses, birds, deer, daisies, rabbits, trees, dogs, children, donkeys, armadillos, bulls, tulips, dragonflies, fish, chickens and other elements of nature combined perfectly with other prehispanic symbols

According to indigenous women, the Region’s economic problems are high unemployment, lack of work and no industry.

Indigenous women suggest many solutions in their Citizen Agenda, including:

• Collaborate and support entities like their New Regional Cooperative to export products beyond their Region.

• Develop a regional program to provide credit and loans to entrepreneurs.

• Innovate new products for new markets instead of conforming to the historical norm, including focused on developing organic products to be grown and consumed within the Region.