According to indigenous women, the Region’s health challenges include:

• There is no easy ACCESS to drinking water, nor a sufficient number of community clinics. Those that do exist lack basic resources, including indigenous translators.

• Available health treatments are too expensive.

• There is little to no support for elderly people and for citizens suffering from emotional, mental and physical problems.

They suggest many solutions to such problems in their Citizen Agenda, including:

• Use the Umbrella Network to strengthen unity and the exchange of important health information among communities and municipalities, including developing a program of community ombudsmen.

• Develop a program to support people’s health costs and increase health care and material benefits provided by local authorities and clinics.

• Build clinics that have electricity, drinking water and toilets, that employ indigenous and modern doctors in each municipality, where natural medicines and cultivation of medicinal plants is a primary element of health care and where such injuries like fractures can be addressed.