42% of the region’s population is 14 or younger. While women and girls are the majority and central to families, communities and cultural traditions, female participation significantly lags that of their male counterparts in citizen training. Gender violence, discrimination and unequal distribution of civil society and familial labor are realities. For example:
• There are no female leaders of local government and few female representatives to government.
• 95% of women surveyed state that they confront violence in their homes and schools.
Indigenous women suggest many solutions to such problems in their Citizen Agenda, including:

• More and better education on justice and human rights issues
• More initiatives on women and justice
• new projects and workshops in communities on such topics as
o Rebalance power in the Region by increasing involvement of family and community leaders;
o Spread knowledge of rights, including how all citizens possess the same rights;
o Increased value of societal law and order.