Wrapping-Up Workshops on Leadership as Tool for Social Impact While Preparing for the 4th Regional Forum

PSYDEH is in the isolated community of San Jose del Valle (3 hours drive on rough roads from the seat of local government in Tenango de Doria), finishing up its 2017 collaboration with the Mexican federal government INMUJERES. The goal? Facilitate workshop training based on the Mexican federal government Instituto Nacional Electoral two manual set on the formation and strengthening of indigenous women political participation to strengthen able, yet isolated indigenous women to better participate in Mexican electoral processes.

Here, PSYDEH discusses module 4 from INE’s manuals, “leadership is a tool for social impact” and how it relates to three other topics explored in previous months.

  • Module One: Indigenous women and community identity
  • Module Two: Indigenous women and political participation
  • Module Three: Indigenous women rights: agendas and leadership

While wrapping up workshops, PSYDEH brings together women leaders of its partner network of NGOs in the seat of local government in Tenango de Doria to discuss what exactly they (and their communities) want to accomplish at the forthcoming 4th Regional Public Forum of Indigenous Women set for Huehuetla, Hidalgo.