1 + 1 = 2: PSYDEH Donor Report Leads to Global Story on Women Partner

Global Giving (GG), PSYDEH’s US-based crowdfunding partner writes,  “The world is full of problems. GG is full of solutions — powered by donors, companies, and nonprofits in 170+ countries.” This resonates with PSYDEH; the same is true of the local level. Poor, rural communities are full of problems. PSYDEH is full of solutions — powered by human rights and the natural resources and the innate capacities of those living in these communities.

1 + 1 = 2

(1) In October, PSYDEH circulated their most recent report to investors supporting its  “Fruits of Change” crowdfunding campaign: Educate Indigenous Women Leaders to Defeat Poverty. 

+ (1) GG staff saw this report, and shared how they were launching a new feature on their GlobalGoodness blog for year-end fundraising. Their audience runs in the thousands and they could share PSYDEH’s story on their social accounts, too.

= (2) On November 30, with prior approval from women partners, GG published Dona Luisa’s story “Dona Luisa: She is a role model for women in Mexico“, with a link to PSYDEH’s just launched second campaign with GG: Seed Fund Indigenous Women Defeating Poverty.

1 + 1 = 2