Second Phase of PSYDEH’s “Fruits of Change” Global Crowdfunding Initiative is Off to a Fast Start

Fresh off first-phase success in their inaugural “Fruits of Change” global crowdfunding campaign with US-based Global Giving (GG), PSYDEH, a top-ranked organization in GG’s network, launched its second phase titled “Seed Fund Indigenous Women Defeating Poverty” in late November 2017.

“This project”, PSYDEH writes,

“complements [our] ongoing work by channeling donor investment into a seed-money fund. This fund incentivizes indigenous women and their nascent network of NGOs to produce four unprecedented, pilot projects to solve local problems across cultural and geographic boundaries in quarters 2 and 3, 2018. Project success is then strategically celebrated in quarter 4 with men and public officials as further evidence on why women are key to driving bottom-up, sustainable progress.”

PSYDEH raised close to $2,000 USD in just 2.5 months and has since merged the effort into a year-long campaign to coincide with the early-March 2018 GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign.