Preparing Proposals for “Fruits of Change” Seed Fund

A key action in PSYDEH’s ongoing “Fruits of Change” project is our first equity-based funding initiative, the “Fruits of Change” seed fund (Seed Fund). Here, global donors investing in PSYDEH’s GlobalGiving crowdfunding campaign, in effect, incentivize indigenous women working with the four local-focused NGOs in our nascent network of women-led organizations to produce their inaugural projects and thus engage in

(1) experiential learning,

(2) DOING as tool for creating gender equity in their communities, and

(3) building the organizational memory they need to sustain growth in 2019.

Nahua and Otomí leaders discussing with PSYDEH how rights inform their project work

Our Seed Fund prioritizes capacity building and knowledge sharing oriented initiatives on self-defined, current local problems. For example, and per ongoing woman-to-woman training also funded by individual global investors in our crowdfunding campaigns, PSYDEH expects to receive proposals from the below NGOs on such matters as (a) workshop and-public-forum initiative to train women and girls on how to use their own unprecedented regional development agenda to make their voices heard before newly elected leaders, as well as bilingual-Spanish and indigenous-public information and skill-building campaigns to (b) educate fellow indigenous women on female cancer prevention and detection, (c) promote better practices around child pregnancy and (d) drug and alcohol addiction prevention and awareness for indigenous youth and parents.