With the experiential-learning oriented “embroidery initiative”, a key element of the ongoing “Fruits of Change” project, PSYDEH invests in PSYDEH Non Profit NGO for Women in Mexico Logo Psydeh v001 compressorwomen leader artisans’ crafts to help these NGO leaders and budding businesswomen improve understanding of such concepts as quality control and production and pricing.

Here, PSYDEH invests in one of the women partners’ few available income streams– the sale of artisan goods. This links long-term community development strategies undergirding our scalable model to short-term monetary gain for women co-leading our work. By auctioning off the purchased goods at our October fundraising event in Mexico City we are able to leverage this short-term gain into a medium-term gain for women. All profits are then channeled to pay for updating women’s NGO’s constitutions and critical changes to the NGOs ability to pursue federal government funding in 2019.

This element and the project are crowdfunded with hundreds of small global donor investments through our GlobalGiving sponsored campaigns.