Program’s Contribution to Women’s Rights in Mexico

PSYDEH’s contribution lies in the example we set with native women. Here, we:

(1) Improve recognition of shame, autonomy and clarity on challenges to sustainable development,

(2) Build knowledge of rights and laws on which spontaneous solutions to these challenges are based,

(3) Strengthen leader disciplines needed to ably use rights and laws when pursuing solutions,

(4) Mobilize a community-based umbrella network of women-led organizations and Cooperative (Network) across boundaries to drive development, and

(5) Produce public forums through which the Network links with state and national leaders while negotiating solutions to challenges.

The power of our example derives from current measurable progress by women partners:

With strong funding in 2018-2019, we continue to progress by supporting women’s use of their rights to (a) increase participation in Mexico’s democracy and production of more sector-specific pilot projects to solve local problems and (b) connect women and government officials at public forums on development issues.