Community Wellbeing

Our first report highlighting program impact on community wellbeing and socio-economic conditions is expected in 2019.

Now, we can say that PSYDEH has worked with 800 indigenous women leaders from 45 communities on the value, and various forms, of citizen participation for improving communal self-reliance. Pursuant to a 2013 regional decision to mobilize,

  • In 2015, these 293 women leaders replicated the regional organization model at the local level and use this umbrella network (Network) to connect their peer citizens to policy-informing pilot projects.
  • Women leaders focus on economic empowerment by building their first Regional Cooperative to unite the region’s citizens, practice democracy in action and generate income for the region’s artisans and sustainable producers of valuable local products.
  • In 2015-2016, PSYDEH’s program resulted in the “spontaneous” production of eleven projects valued at $1.5 million pesos, funded by 3rd parties, to address local problems. Spontaneous = women lead projects informed by their work with, but independent of, PSYDEH.
  • In 2016-2018, women leaders deepen their understanding of ways to participate in Mexican democratic processes, strengthen their organizations’ processes, critique local government development plans and produce up to 8 more local economic projects and up to 4 more capacity building projects consistent with their own development agenda.