Innovative Partnerships

PSYDEH is the first NGO in Hidalgo to build a forward-thinking Program made up of contiguous annual citizen education and organizing projects and views indigenous people as partners, not beneficiaries, owners of rights and responsibilities to drive and sustain their own development.

Our work is produced with in-kind support from local government offices of the municipalities’ presidents and their sub-offices of women and indigenous affairs. Such support helps PSYDEH

(1) TARGET respected indigenous leaders spread over rugged and expansive terrain,

(2) UNDERWRITE food costs and transportation for workshops and regional forums, and

(3) PROVIDE dignified meeting space with chairs and work tables.

This help is not one sided. Our network leaders have linked rural citizens to a government-funded initiative correcting mistaken personal data.

From 2013 to present, national government funding helps to fund our program work.

In 2015, PSYDEH cemented a formal alliance with the Public Sector Leader program at American University (AU), Washington, DC, USA to strengthen local leaders through training that integrates AU’s leader development methodology with that which works in the region. We continue to pursue funding to underwrite a project with AU.

In 2016, and pursuant to our goal of bringing in new ideas and diversifying funding streams, we were awarded membership into the US-based Global Giving where we run our ongoing “Fruits of Change” global crowdfunding campaign. We also cemented a relationship with the Mexican national private Tec de Monterrey to collaborate on our first Mexican national crowdfunding campaign. And we linked our women partners and program with new Mexican and global friends in academia and in the field, at national awareness building and fundraising events and in global crowdfunding campaigns

In 2017, we expect to continue alliances with many of the aforementioned partners while expanding our circle of national and international friends needed to continue program progress.