Alongside anticipated success with the Region’s women leaders, we intend to integrate men and youth leaders in 2017-2018 and to replicate our Program model in Hidalgo’s other two indigenous regions. Per preliminary discussion with leaders in all regions, all are eager to share knowledge and join forces on innovating solutions to challenges facing local indigenous communities. We hope to cement an agreement to document lessons learned around our program by early 2019.

Data on program impact on how Mexico thinks about development policies are expected in mid-2019.

PSYDEH is an apolitical organization. The women-led organizations we help to incubate are the same. NO FUNDS RAISED through public or private donations are used for direct lobbying of legislative bodies. Yet, we do serve as Hidalgo’s sole NGO representative to the national board advising the federal agency responsible for indigenous community development policy.

Our educational activities, workshops and public forums are designed to help Mexican citizens and government officials link around shared identities, problems and solutions to the problems confronting Mexican society. Moreover, our program work is needed to inform the global debate on how to sustainably defeat poverty and reduce income inequality.