Social Inclusion

The Region’s indigenous women are valued decision-makers and leaders of PSYDEH.

Current program activity reflects their demands.

  • Women leaders demand more knowledge. Thus, 28 workshops on the subjects contained in their Development Agenda were delivered in 2015.
  • They want to unite their region through shared economic opportunity. Consequently, we incubate the first Regional Cooperative.
  • They want a well-run network of local women-led organizations. Accordingly, we legalized the organizations’ constitutions. We conduct training on right management. And we help women leaders to plan and build local projects.
  • Women want to repeat their 2014 regional public forum Thus, we produced the 2nd and 3rd and 4th forums at which over 600+ women leaders united around their development agenda, celebrated their new network of organizations and Cooperative with international friends and government funders and discussed ways for increased female participation in electoral politics.

Women partners are empowered through an “indigenous woman-to-indigenous woman” methodology for change and the aforementioned integration of partner demands.

Indigenous women partners formally lead within PSYDEH. For example, Marisela Romero Cruz, a Nahautl speaking community organizer based in Acaxochitlán, Hidalgo was program participant in 2013 and joined PSYDEH in 2014 to facilitate workshops and organize women in her municipality. In 2015, she advised on program design, coordinated the Network’s activities and was workshop facilitator on Cooperative strategic planning and economics and sustainable development. In 2016, and upon returning to apolitical PSYDEH after running for local office, she continues to help lead the network’s growth.

Ms. Romero is one of PSYDEH’s all female, majority indigenous, community-based team training their citizen peers. All share common languages, Spanish and indigenous. All understand the Region’s challenges and opportunities. By design, each is involved in program implementation decisions and will remain to sustain the Network beyond PSYDEH’s initiative.