Network of Women-led Organizations

Since late 2015, our intercultural network includes one regional and four local NGOs, all led by indigenous women:

  1. Consejo Regional de Mujeres Indígenas Otomi-Tepehua, A.C.
  2. Flor del Bosque (Tenango de Doria)
  3. Mujeres Con Futuro (San Bartolo)
  4. Nuevo Amanecer Ra ‘Da ‘Yo Neki (Huehuetla)
  5. Yolki Ino Yolo (Acaxochitlán)

These NGOs are the foundation for an intercultural, regional rights-based movement of indigenous women working with their Regional Cooperative and PSYDEH to implement their own sustainable Development Agenda.

• Indigenous women, five from each of the four majority indigenous municipalities, are elected by their peers (using basic majority-rule principles) to sit on the board of the Regional NGO (president, secretary, treasurer and two alternates). It focuses on cross-municipality solutions to problems and regional pilot projects.

• Indigenous women are elected by their peers to build the four local NGOs (five board members for each municipality-focused NGO). Each focuses on municipality-specific solutions to problems and local pilot projects.

As diagramed below, each NGO is independent and legal and yet part of the larger network. Each is managed by their respective members, raises their own funds for projects and sets their own strategic directions and goals. At the same time, each is coached by PSYDEH and invited to trainings and empowered to share learning and solutions to problems with one another and public officials at periodic public forums.

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