Regional Artisans

For centuries, the Regions’ Otomi, Nahautl and Tepehua women have honed their skills as artisans and organic farmers.

In Acaxochitlán, Nahua women produce naturally dyed wool products and embroidered blouses, wrap skirts and more. They also create a variety of fruit liquors and wood carvings.

In Tenango de Doria, Otomí women produce famously ornate embroidered clothing and a wide variety of household products, traditional and modern.

In San Bartolo Tutotepec, Nahua and Otomí women produce organic coffee, fruit liquor, peanuts and avocados. In more remote communities, women produce hand-stitched clothing and embroidered art.

In Huehuetla, Tepehua women produce ornately embroidered blouses, back strap woven black belts with a knotted design to finish it and the white wrap skirt. Otomí women produce a variety of embroidered items, some similar to that which is created in Tenango and other geometric designs unique to their own region. Wood carvings and furniture and coffee production is also strong.

The below reflects some of the work created by women artisans.