Armed with 2013’s collective decision to build a bottom-up, rights-based movement, PSYDEH’s 2014 project work targeted indigenous women and girls. Not only are we a majority-female organization, women leaders play a critical role as communal stewards and thus are key drivers to creating self-reliant communities.

With funding from the Mexican government’s Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas (CDI), PSYDEH and women partners shared, listened and laughed while learning about:

  • Self-awareness for obtaining clarity on solutions to challenges.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA core set of leader disciplines needed to implement these solutions.
  • Indigenous rights and legal frameworks on which innovative solutions can be based.
  • The key components of a self-reliant indigenous community.

At project conclusion, women partners produced four unprecedented actions:

(A) CONVENED a regional indigenous Women Citizen Public Forum to discuss challenges and solutions amongst themselves and with local government;

(B) ELECTED 20 representatives to the Regional Indigenous Women Organization (and decided to organize an additional four local Boards);

(C) DEVELOPED the framework for a Regional Development Agenda; and

(D) DECIDED to form a Regional Cooperative of women artisans.

PSYDEH produced multiple outputs:

(1) Innovative model for rural, indigenous citizen engagement that empowered partners to produce their own unprecedented and needed actions.

(2) Strategic relationships with civil society outside of the Region.

(3) Model for using photography as a tool for story telling.

Click HERE for our 2014 Project Summary in English

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