With funding from the Mexican government’s Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE), the Mexican government’s Instituto Nacional de Las Mujeres (INMUJERES) and our “Fruits of Change” global crowdfunding campaign, PSYDEH again worked pursuant to partners’ demands.

We expanded program reach into new communities while cementing progress made in 2014-2016:

STRENGTHENED the Women’s Regional Organization consisting of 20 native women leaders, five from each of the four municipalities, and the four local-focused organizations, by deepening understanding around their AGENDA and continued appreciative inquiry during which we ask women questions on their needs and listen, really listen, a key phase to our scalable model.

PRODUCED educational workshops  and our first community radio campaign combatting political violence against women based, in part, on INE’s interesting grass-roots model to increase women’s understanding of Mexico’s democracy.

LINKED women partners with the Federal Institute protecting citizen rights around access to information, an effort that bears fruit in 2018.

CELEBRATED women partners’ voices with our “voces femininas” series.

EQUIPPED women with the creative materials they need to share their learning on rights and the value of collaborating across boundaries with their neighbors.

PRODUCED the 3rd Public Forum in Tenango de Doria and 4th Public Forum in Huehuetla where almost 500 indigenous women from across the Region shared their novel development agenda and ideas on local development with new government leaders from the four municipalities, including with the unprecedented 2017 Huehuetla Declaration of indigenous women.

* See our polished 2017 Annual Report for more information. You might also enjoy this short high-quality film highlighting 2017 project work with women partners.