PSYDEH is a Mexican NGO governed by our mission, vision, and values.

Our work is co-led by native women partners. This means that we listen to one another. We engage as equals and not solely as service provider and beneficiaries. PSYDEH, therefore, produces needed novel programs and projects in the Sierra Otomí-Tepehua region, Hidalgo, central Mexico.

With female founders, an all-women board, Mexican and international funders and friends and a majority indigenous and female team, we:

VALUE the innate capacity of Mexican people,

LOOK to indigenous wisdom on community organizing, as well as democratic principles, and human development science as knowledge sources,

KNOW that laws are based on human rights and are the instrument with which citizens construct what they imagine to be possible for their communities,

UNDERSTAND that rights come with responsibilities; laws are only as impactful as citizens make them,

TRUST that our empowerment work is needed. Integrating science, organizing practices, the spirit of rights and the letter of the law leads to boosting citizen demand for, and work towards, stronger communities. It supports responsible supply by the government in the form of quality basic services.

6 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • En PSYDEH, fortalecemos e incubamos una red de consejos lideradas por mujeres lideres (artesanas); es decir, organizamos y soportamos las lideres de cuatro consejos quienes representa de 600 mujeres indígenas de los cuatro municipios en la región otomí-tepehua del Estado de Hidalgo. Quienes cuentan con un procesos organizativo alrededor de sus propias demandas basadas en derechos económicos y políticos según de su propia agenda de desarrollo.

      Estimada Guadalupe, para nosotros, es un gran gusto compartirte nuestros avances desde nuestra pagina web o directamente conoce nuestro trabajo de campo comunicándote y agendando una cita con nuestro coordinador de proyectos.

      Psic. Jorge A. Echeverría Merlo
      Coordinador de Proyectos, PSYDEH, A.C.
      Cel. 775-149-9817

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