Climate Change

Climate-related stresses such as intensifying rain and hailstorms make life in the already harsh Region more challenging. PSYDEH and women partners, therefore, focus on (1) reducing communal vulnerability to climate change and (2) ways for citizens to assume their fair share of responsibility for mitigating the change.

PSYDEH’s Program with local indigenous leaders can reduce vulnerability by growing resilience-dependent social capital between and among the Region’s indigenous people. We also can bridge rural citizens with those in urban Mexico and the globe. And we strategically link citizen leaders with decision makers.

In concrete terms, thus far. we have empowered local leaders to assume their fair share of responsibility to mitigate the change by:

(1) using the women’s organizations as a liaison for smart distribution of change mitigation technology like clean-burning stoves and rainwater capture systems or reforestation, and

(2) supporting women leaders in educating themselves to make informed demands that government is forward thinking when regional resilience planning and calling for smart protection of wooded indigenous and communal lands.