Economy & Migration

Reliable economic data are hard to find. What we know is that 79-86% of the population roughly earns the rural poverty threshold of $1,610 pesos (or $80USD) per month or less. This is a major cause of heavy migration by the Region’s citizens to urban Mexico and especially the USA. Indeed, most women partners report at least one family member has illegally migrated north in search of livable wage work.

The main cash crops are corn, feed grass, and coffee. For example, in 2011, over 80% of the total population participated in the production of $114 million pesos worth of these crops, the large majority of which is consumed by the producers themselves.

There is no industry; still, fracking increases to the east in Veracruz and is expected to soon enter the Region. And experts believe that the area is ripe for the mining of calcium carbonate, marble granite, opal, garnet, rock phosphate, dolomite, fluorite, and limestone.

Tourism attractions are plentiful, but the Region has little infrastructure to attract and support any sizable tourism trade.