Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION: Use leader training, human rights-based citizen education, and community organizing to empower Mexican citizens to lead the bottom-up, sustainable development of their own communities.

VISION: PSYDEH is the principal civil society organization in Mexico for strengthening indigenous, rural and migrant communities at the convergence of rights and human and communal development.


  • COMMUNICATION: Leading authentically by fostering self-awareness and transparency on needs, plans, and values.
  • SOLIDARITY: Learning and working in community to achieve desired results.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Being a force for change by embracing a standard of excellence and promoting responsibility for actions and solutions.
  • HONESTY: Acting with integrity, e.g., act pursuant to commitments; if such is later deemed impossible, we communicate and act on what is.
  • RESPECT: Modeling desired conduct by asking direct, empathetic questions and listening for content and emotion on problems to foster dialogue on solutions.
  • LOVE: Empowering others to action through choosing to grow our and our partner’s well-being.

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