Women Partners

PSYDEH indigenous women partners, ages 18 and older, live in 45 remote communities spread among four majority indigenous municipalities in the Otomí-Tepehua region of Hidalgo. Women are key to sustainable development, co-lead our present work and build their own projects to solve community challenges.

Why women?

We know that women lead sustained progress through their roles as protectors of rights and law, policy advocates and drivers of social and economic development.

Why women in this Region?

Women are a majority. They are central to families, communities and cultural traditions. Yet, their participation significantly lags that of men in leader training. And gender violence, discrimination and unequal distribution of civil society and familial labor are realities. For example:

• Few women lead in local government.

• 95% of women confront violence in their homes and schools.

• 95% of women face discrimination in their communities and schools.

Moreover, the Region’s women, like all indigenous women in the State, confront Sociocultural and PoliticalEconomic, EnvironmentalEducational and Climate-related obstacles that limit their potential as leaders.

Our partners featured below work for a new reality. They learn about generative leader skills, how to run their own organizations and projects and ways to impact Mexico’s democracy. In just over four years, they have helped to create their own unprecedented regional development agenda and a network of indigenous women-led organizations and a Regional Cooperative while co-producing four regional forums. Women also lead and benefit from new projects to solve local problems.

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*** Women do not operate in a vacuum. Their well-being depends on themselves and those with whom they live. While women are PSYDEH’s current focus, per their request, we plan to integrate men and youth leaders in 2019-2020.