PSYDEH was founded in 2007; yet, we operate as a newly invigorated local-focused, start-up pursuant to a mid-2014 reorientation of how we work.  As an example, we diversified funding streams from one in 2013 to five by 2017-2018, all strategically created/pursued as a backdrop for securing the sixth and seventh game changer streams, national or foreign institutional multi-year support and incubating other novel methods for sustainability.

In the last four years, we continue to win grants from national government funders while raising money at national fundraising events as well as bazaars. We also pursue individual investments from US and UK citizens and Mexican and other nations’ citizens via our GlobalGiving crowdfunding efforts, as well as individual, significant private donations of in-kind services and material. With strong progress but still much work to do on the fundraising front, donor testimonials on our Facebook pages reflect back to us that our growing social impact story resonates with national and global audiences.


Check out our ongoing global crowdfunding project FRUITS OF CHANGE with the US-based Global Giving Foundation, including how we USE donor investments and these two new promotional videos.