PSYDEH empowers bottom-up, sustainable development of strong communities of change. 

Specifically, we use women-led leader training and network building to drive demand for basic services and homegrown solutions to problems. We train women to launch self-determined projects on such issues as improving health care, local income and the environment. We educate them on decision-making and collective organizing strategies to sustain progress. Our regional forums unite women across cultural and geographic boundaries to propose solutions to government officials.

PSYDEH’s four strategic work areas are:

(1) Strengthen Citizen Participation, e.g., we empower local partners to see themselves as the leaders they are.

(2) Improve Human Security, e.g., we link local partners with, and help them develop their own, pilot-projects for improving quality of life.

(3) Build Communal Resilience, e.g., we facilitate idea exchange between rural partners and urban and international citizens.

(4) Support Democratic Governance, e.g.,  we help partners understand how to increase participation in Mexico’s democracy, including helping them to build their own network of organizations to create local solutions to problems.

These areas are developed around our Mission and Vision and through our Values, Methods and Theory of Change.