With the experiential-learning oriented “embroidery initiative”, a key element of the ongoing “Fruits of Change” project, PSYDEH invests in PSYDEH Non Profit NGO for Women in Mexico Logo Psydeh v001 compressorwomen leader artisans’ crafts to help these NGO leaders and budding businesswomen improve understanding of such concepts as quality control and production and pricing.

Here, PSYDEH invests in one of the women partners’ few available income streams– the sale of artisan goods. This links long-term community development strategies undergirding our scalable model to short-term monetary gain for women co-leading our work. By auctioning off the purchased goods at our October fundraising event in Mexico City we are able to leverage this short-term gain into a medium-term gain for women. All profits are then channeled to pay for updating women’s NGO’s constitutions and critical changes to the NGOs ability to pursue federal government funding in 2019.

This element and the project are crowdfunded with hundreds of small global donor investments through our GlobalGiving sponsored campaigns.

Mexico Forms National Institute to Guarantee Rights to Indigenous People

As per his campaign promise, and celebrated during his December 1 inauguration speech, new Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador just announced that the Instituto Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas has been legally constituted pursuant to a late November vote by the Mexican Senate to pass la Ley del Instituto Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas.

The Institute’s mission is to promote and protect indigenous groups’ autonomy and self-determination. As Adelfo Regino, an oaxaqueño lawyer and Director of the new Institute, states, “We’re going to attend to all Mexicans and we’re going to respect everyone, (but) the priority will go toward those who most need it, to the poor… And as we know, though it’s painful to even say, the poorest of the poor are the Indigenous groups of Mexico.”

PSYDEH couldn’t agree more. We’ve strongly advocated for this development during our three-year term as Hidalgo’s sole NGO representative to the Consejo Consultivo, the national citizen board advising the federal government on indigenous community development. We will continue to push the Hidalgo state government to follow suit.


Informal Exchange with The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation

PSYDEH recently completed an informal exchange with bottom-up empowerment focused The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our joint goal? Help Lemonaid to learn more about PSYDEH and the region in which we work, while we learn more about their diverse team and interests in Mexico.

Lemonaid first met PSYDEH in Mexico City in late 2017 post our participating in the German online competition #youforG20. We have since exchanged ideas on the possibility of a formal partnership in 2019 and beyond as an extension of PSYDEH’s five-year strategy to diversify income streams from one in 2014 — Mexican government grants — to six streams by 2019:

(1) Government grants (2007- present)

(2) Private citizen direct-investment of funds, services, and materials (2014- present)

(3) National fundraising-events and public-private collaborations (2016- present)

(4) Bazaars meeting demand for artisan goods and generating social capital (2016- present)

(5) Crowdfunding and social capital building from and with individual donors (2016- present)

(6) Substantial and/or multi-year collaboration with national private or global partners, affording PSYDEH the support needed to do forward planning (2019- ?)

Lemonaid multi-country team with the Xamini Cooperative, Valle de Mezquital, Hidalgo, Mexico

PSYDEH and Lemonaid staff and partners, Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, Mexico


2018-2019 Prize To Strengthen Women Participation in Electoral Processes

Following on the heels of 2018 work promoting the rights to access public information and to personal data privacy (see below a short film promoting this project), and nationally recognized 2016-2017 work promoting women participation in electoral politics (see below a highlight video), PSYDEH has been chosen again by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) for a 2018-2019 project where we will:

(1) Produce a scalable educational model on empowering Hidalgo citizens to access public information and protection of personal data.

(2) Empower our nascent indigenous women’s network of organizations to facilitate 300 citizen requests for information from municipal, state and federal government — information that is then integrated into women’s proposals for the sustained development of their communities.

(3) Use the unprecedented Indigenous Women’s Agenda 2019 to make responsible demands of government, including during the 5th installment of our groundbreaking series of Otomí-Tepehua regional forums of indigenous women.

(4) A new original short film promoting women’s participation in electoral processes.

(5) A new series of radio spots promoting awareness of these rights in the region’s languages of Nahuatl, Otomí and Tepehua.

2018 film promoting citizen access to public information and personal data privacy

2017 video celebrating 2016-2017 project with INE

PSYDEH chosen by GlobalGiving as a Top 15 NGO Committed to Impact in 2018

PSYDEH has been selected by GlobalGiving (GG) as one of their Top 10+5 Nonprofits Committed to Impact in 2018!

This inaugural list highlights 15 of GG’s partners (10 winners and five honorable mentions) from around the world that have demonstrated a commitment to impact through learning and improvement.

The five honorable mentions like PSYDEH are handpicked by GG as those NGOs who best exemplify GG’s Listen, Act, Learn, Repeat ethos because we (1) listen to our stakeholders, (2) act on what we hear by testing out new ideas, and (3) learn from the results of experiments to improve our programs and services. *The top 10 winners were deemed as such by having earned the most points in GG Rewards, GlobalGiving’s system for tracking the way nonprofits Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.

As Alison Carlman, GG’s director of impact and communications, states, “Our ultimate aim is to drive more resources to the nonprofits that learn and improve the most. We’re proud to highlight PSYDEH for their commitment to effectiveness through listening, learning, and improving.”

Visit to learn more about why PSYDEH has been chosen for what we see as the greatest of honors.

About GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community for nonprofits. GlobalGiving makes it possible for locally led organizations around the world to access the tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. Find out more at




New Short Film on How Indigenous Women Combat Corruption in Mexico (Spanish with English subtitles)

“Conociendo Conocer” (Knowing How to Know) is PSYDEH’s new original short film by Chilean American Director Kevin G. Fitzpatrick highlighting 2018 project work empowering Mexican citizens to combat corruption through organizing around the rights to access public information and protect personal data privacy.

Since 2014, PSYDEH aims to produce high-quality film, video and photography promoting our project work and partners. We distinguish our video from our “film.”  Film moves the viewer intellectually and emotionally while transmitting information (our goal when feasible) while the purpose of video is to relay basic information.

***For more original films and videos, check out PSYDEH’s recently remodeled Youtube Channel:


“Fruits of Change” Seed Fund Initiative Launches

PSYDEH’s ongoing “Fruits of Change” project includes our first equity-based funding initiative, the “Fruits of Change” seed fund (Seed Fund).

Here, global donors investing in PSYDEH’s GlobalGiving crowdfunding campaign, in effect, incentivize indigenous women working with the four local-focused NGOs in our nascent network of women-led organizations (Network) to produce their inaugural projects and thus engage in:

(1) experiential learning (these are their organizations’ inaugural projects submitted pursuant to a PSYDEH call for proposals simulating the normal experience when applying for government funding),

(2) capacity building and information sharing as tool for creating gender equity in their communities (all projects must focus on capacity building and information sharing), and

(3) building the organizational memory needed to make Network proposals competitive in 2019 (organizations must have some history producing projects in order to maximize the chances of success when applying for government funding).

In practice, PSYDEH offers a seed fund of $50,000 pesos to each of the four local NGOs in the Network, where $35,000 pesos are delivered in two installments for project production without condition. The remaining $15,000 pesos are allocated to support and incentivize the women to creatively invest their own resources into the seed fund project:

  • $5000 pesos underwrite PSYDEH support of project production.
  • $5000 pesos fund regional transportation of women leaders from Acaxochitlán to the March 2019 5th regional forum (if the NGO secures regional transport from a 3rd party funder, they can retain these $5000 pesos for project production).
  • $5000 pesos fund legal changes to the organizations’ legal charters needed for their participation in the 2019 Mexican government funding season (if the NGO’s leaders fully participate in PSYDEH’s Embroidery Initiative during the 1st quarter of 2019, they can retain these $5000 pesos for project production).

To this end, PSYDEH published the SEED FUND call for proposals on October 1. The deadline for delivery of the four proposals was November 15.  The organizations then had to make their first-ever public presentations explaining their proposals to PSYDEH staff and friends at Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation on November 22. PSYDEH now evaluates proposal strengths and weaknesses with an eye to beginning project production in January 2019.