Photography & Film

To PSYDEH, the camera reflects “truth”, promotes autonomy and inspires new thinking on how we deploy rights-based strategies to develop self-reliant communities from the bottom-up.

With our social-impact photography, we:

(1) grow self-and communal-awareness,

(2) help people appreciate indigenous wisdom on organizing society,

(3) document PSYDEH’s work led by local partners, and

(4) create public experiences where people engage across boundaries, e.g., language, culture, nationality.

PSYDEH’s current staff photographers are Mexico City-based professional photographer Diogo Heber, the filmmaker Kevin Fitzpatrick and Senior Advisor Damon Taylor.

Since 2013, we have produced films promoting our project work and partners. We say films because we strive to create high-quality visual content that moves the viewer intellectually and emotionally, i.e., short films, not just relay information which is the normal purview of video content.

In 2014/2015, we produced our first Traveling Exhibition.

In 2016, we used photography as a central element of our first fundraising event in Mexico City. In October, we produced our third exhibit at the Casa de Cultura de Tamaulipas in Mexico City. In November, we helped Tec de Monterrey students use photo and video at an event promoting our national crowdfunding campaign.

In 2017-2018, we produced a regional itinerant photo exhibit for the 3rd Regional Forum of Indigenous Women highlighting our work strengthening indigenous women participation in Mexico’s democracy.

We are thrilled to use cinema as a tool for deepening national awareness about PSYDEH and indigenous culture and gender discrimination in Mexican electoral processes at our largest public relations event yet in La Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City on January 27, 2018.

In collaboration with the Colectivo Cine Social CDMX, and with support from the Secretaria de Cultura, PSYDEH projected our most recent promotional film on the big screen to 180 foreigners and Mexicans. And staff and indigenous women leaders partners sat on a panel with language experts and actors discussing how language is the heart of culture following the projection of a special screening of the new, Ernesto Contreras directed, award-winning film Sueño en otro idioma. 

*See below our promotional video for the event.